A vineyard on a human scale

Our vineyards, with a total area of 6 hectares classified AOC Burgundy. They are spread over five villages of the Châtillonnaise coast (Côte d'Or) Chaumont-le-Bois, Noiron-sur-Seine, Gomméville, Griselles and Vix.

Planted on slopes sometimes very steep, exposed to the South and South-East, they benefit from the best conditions for the ripening of the grapes.


Traditional grape varieties

To produce our Burgundy wines and sparkling wines, we planted the two noble grape varieties of Burgundy and Champagne Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. A small plot of Pinot Blanc is reserved for certain vintages.


Une viticulture qualitative

  We practice sustainable viticulture. Always looking for improvements:
  • We do not use chemical fertilizers, insecticides or anti-rot.
  • The weeding of our vines during the summer protects the soil from erosion and improves the quality of the grapes.
  • In winter the shoots are crushed to bring organic matter and boost the life of the soil.
  • We have the peculiarity of working our vines only with light caterpillar machines to avoid soil compaction.
  • Our vines are lined with grass strips, hedges and trees that are useful for biodiversity

A manual harvest

Like all Crémants de Bourgogne producers, we harvest by hand all our vines.

The manual harvest allows:

  • Quality sorting: select bunches of grapes with maturity
  • to pick whole bunches with unburst berries
  • Transport: in small openwork crates
  • Period: mid-September
  • Duration: 8 to 10 days
  • Tradition: the work accomplished, we perpetuate the traditional meal of the "harvest dog".

The culmination of a year's work, the harvest is an intense moment, but always happy!