The Fruit Juice Workshop

Give us your fruits (apples, pears, quince), leave with your own fruit juice.

The fruit juice workshop at your service

Through this custom pressing activity, we make you benefit from our know-how in fruit processing. The workshop is open to all, on registration, from 25 kg of fruit.
It is equipped with professional equipment:

  • a fruit crusher
  • a stainless steel press with packs (this type of press gives high quality juices)
  • settling tanks
  • a double wall electric pasteurizer

At disposal: lockers for transporting and storing your bottles.

  Golden rule: "The quality of the fruits determines the quality of the juice"

Secrets to the success of a good apple juice

Golden rule: "The quality of the fruits determines the quality of the juice"

Apples must be ripe but not excessively: they must be firm and rot-free.
Only pick them up a few days before pressing to prevent them from getting damaged.
Mix several varieties to obtain a balanced and tasty juice.
Bring clean fruits freed from all foreign bodies (leaf, grass, earth ...)


Steps to make apple juice

  • With 10 kg of apples, we obtain about 5 to 6 liters of juice.
  • Arrived at the workshop, the apples are washed then poured in the crusher to be crushed.
  • This crushed apple is deposited, in successive thin layers, on the press. The juice is extracted by hydraulic pressure.
  • The juice obtained is put to rest in a tank during one night: one gets a decanted juice naturally.
  • The juice is then pasteurized to ensure its preservation (heating at 78 ° C for a few minutes).
  • Bottling and capping are done hot.
  • The juice thus conditioned will be preserved without problem 2 to 3 years. To be enjoyed without moderation!

2018 price

1st formula: "juice in bulk" (may be suitable for making cider): Grinding, pressing:

   0.72 € / liter of juice. Provide closed barrels for transport in your vehicle.

2nd formula: "juice in bottle" Grinding, pressing, decanting, pasteurization, bottling:
- with reuse of your bottles *: 1.00 € / liter of juice
- with supply of bottles: 1.40 € / liter of juice

* We only accept glass fruit juice bottles with a screw neck with a diameter of 48mm. They must be immaculate! The supply of new capsules is included in the price.

  from September 17, 2018

We do not take registration anymore

Enhance your orchard, contribute to the preservation of old varieties
and taste 100% natural flavors!